Water Leak Detection Behind the Walls – How do you do it?

Do you want to know whether or not you have water leak behind the walls of your place? Well, this handy guide for Water Leak Detection in Melbourne  is the one to read.

What causes a Leak?

Before you start with the signs of water leakage behind the wall, let’s find out what makes water to leak.

Normally, a water leak is the result of the damaged plumbing system. However, leaky foundation or dripping of rainwater can be the reason behind damp walls.

Some other reasons may include:

  • The burst of frozen pipes that lead to water leakage
  • Corroded pipes because of hard water making water to drip

It could be difficult to detect water leakage without professional help. However, you can pay attention to a few signs anyhow. 

Following are The Signs that may Indicate Water Leakage Behind the walls.   

  1. Water puddles

This is the easiest one to detect. Standing water near the walls is the biggest and most visible sign of water leakage. Check for carpets and flooring as they can be wet and have water puddle nearby. Bathroom and kitchen are the most expected places to have water puddles right near the sink, washing machine, or dishwasher. 

  1. Moldy odour

It’s easy to detect wall leakage as your entire interior smells mouldy. This is because the water drips and it doesn’t get a chance to dry out. Walls as well as walls stay damp and begin to emit a musty smell. So sniff the mouldy smell and reach to the point where it is the most as it could be the point where the leakage is happening. This way you do the quick Leak detection in Melbourne.

  1. Paint or Wallpaper Peeling

A leak behind your wall(s) can cause the wallpaper or paint to peel out. Most of the residential paints are water-based. Therefore, when water leaks behind the wall, it makes the paint peel. Change in texture can also be a sign of leakage.

  1. Increased Water Bill than ever

Water leakage can lead to an increase in the water bill as it gets consumed when the water pipes are leaky. Water Leakage can be inside or outside of the home. So if your water consumption bill is more than ever, ask for a trustworthy plumber to check on your plumbing system. 

Whether you have detected the water leak or not, it’s better to hire professional Water leak detection MelbourneThey will not only detect the leakage but will also provide an instantaneous solution as well.

So hire experts now!

Source: Know How Plumber Handles Water Leak Detection in Walls – Explore Here!