Tree Removal – How to Make Your Trees Bushfire Season Ready?

Summer comes with many things that can leave a deep mark in your life forever. One of such things is the bush fire that destroys numerous homes and lives every year. With the help of an experienced and licensed professional of Tree Removal Adelaide, you can prevent the bush fire from reaching your place.

The following are the steps that make your home safer.

So follow ahead!  

  1. Prune Away the Trees

Leaning trees, overhanging branches, and leaning trees rising against your home can easily spread a fire into your home. But you can reduce the danger by pruning these trees and creating clearance between the building and the trees. A professional arborist will make sure that all of the trees are pruned accurately while upholding the structural integrity and tree health.     

  1. Clean Palm Trees

Dead and dry palm leaves can easily catch the floating embers. Whether these are hanging from the trees or just fall on the ground, these can easily catch the fire and set the entire place on fire. Therefore, cleaning the palm tree is crucial to prevent such a situation.    

  1. Eliminate Deadwood

Deadwood is nothing but the void branches under the umbrella of a tree. When you hire a professional for deadwood removal or tree stump removal Adelaide, ensure to eliminate deadwood as these are completely dry and can catch the fire quickly. However, the expert arborist will discover such deadwood and remove it before you even asking for it.    

  1. Remove Deceased Trees

Drying and dead trees can be spread fire like nothing else. They catch fire as quickly as a piece of paper. If you have any dead or a dry tree near your house or even the office, hire the professionals to get rid of it. Sometimes a tree might seem in good condition from the outside but is highly-infected from the inside. When you hire the professionals for tree removal, they will inspect each tree for any disease or unknown condition. After the detection, they will provide a suitable solution and will get rid of the deceased tree.  

  1. Clean the Gutters

Having a clean gutter will diminish the risks of fire spreading. As we already know that dry leaves can catch fire easily, and sometimes it can lead to massive disasters as well. It may even fasten the fire spreading by allowing it to easily reach the rooftop. Therefore, cleaning the gutter is more than crucial.     

  1. More Clean-Up

Is your backyard is full of dry leaves?

Clean it yourself or hire professionals for doing it. The surrounding area of your home must be safe so that disastrous situations can be avoided. But don’t just clean the backyard and cluster the entire dry leaves and branches in one corner. You can ask the professionals for the right disposal of the waste. They will either do it themselves or guide you the correct way.  


Now that you have known the major steps to avoid a bush fire in summers, it’s time to get in touch with a leading professional of Tree Removal Adelaide.

Source: 6 Steps to Make your Trees Ready for the Bushfire Season