What Finishes Are Available For Travertine Tile?

An impact facet that impacts the overall look of the interior of the home is the floor tiles. People experiment with a wide range of tiles to get the one that completes the home and their lifestyle. Travertine is one such tile that is a popular choice of the house owners. Not just tiles, there are travertine pavers Melbourne who use it in the pavings too. 

Travertine is a type of limestone. It is formed by mineral deposits. Further, it is mixed with the other minerals to give unique features to the travertine. The Travertine tiles Melbourne are one of the popular choices among homeowners. Its finish does have a great impact on the versatility of the tiles in accordance with the interior of the house. 

Here are some of the finishes that you can consider when installing the travertine tiles at your home.

  • Honed Filled and Unfilled

It is the finish that looks more natural and effortless. It suits both classic and modern homes effectively. The finish is not too shiny, not even dull; the surface is made smooth. These finishes come in two styles - filled and unfilled honed finish.  

As the name suggests, in the filled honed finish, the honed finish is applied after filling up the imperfections and pockets of the stone. While in unfilled honed finish, the imperfections are left as it is, and the finish is applied to give it a more natural and rustic look. 

Travertine Tiles

  • Brushed

If you have a love for texture tiles, this is the finish for you. The texture of the brushed tile is achieved by a plastic or metal brush or wire wheel. It is the perfect blend of the honed and tumbled finish that brings us to the next finish.

  • Tumbled

If you are in search of a finish that has subtle colour, antique appeal and reflects light, then tumbled is the finish that you should consider. It is achieved by a specific process where the travertine stones are cut into the same size pieces, placed in a rubber-coated or plastic barrel. The barrel has abrasive grit and water such that the pieces are rubbed with the grit to achieve the desired finish.

  • Polished

Want to stun your guests with the shine and the gloss of the polished finish is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the most popular choices of finish for the travertine tiles as it provides a high end, dramatic, luxurious look to the home. They could elevate your modern homes to a whole new level of rich look.

  • Split Face

It is among the roughest finish that is available for the travertine tiles. Tiles are not just installed on the floors; sometimes, these are installed in the walls to bring out an exclusive accent wall look for certain walls of the house or business. This finish is the perfect choice for such walls.

Along with the best quality travertine tiles Melbourne, make sure to choose an appropriate finish to best suit your lifestyle and personality.

Source:What Are The Different Types Of Travertine Tile Finishes?