How to Choose Right Option When Both Seems Equally Good?

Everyone in life might have got stuck in a confusing situation when it comes to making the right decision. Whether it comes to choosing the right career path or choosing the right place to buy a home. In some situations, the wrong decision is still affordable but sometimes in a critical situation, it’s not at all affordable to take the wrong turn. It could be very stressful because you might be getting different advice to take the particular direction but in the end, you only know better what is good for you. Many industries have come with the spinning tool concept such as Wheel decide and many more to make the decision-making process easier. You can take ideas from other’s suggestions but it’s up to you whether you want to go for that path or not.

Below are some useful tips that can help you to see the right option when you are stuck between two similar options:

1)      Be clear about your goal.

This is the first thing you need to understand that is if you are not clear about what you want, then you will always end up making the wrong decision. So, be self-reflective and be damn sure about your goal and stick to it.

2)      Keep eliminating choices by setting your boundaries and standards.

Make a list of the actual features you want and accordingly eliminate the unnecessary options to make the path clearer. For example: if you are looking to buy a smartphone,  look for the features you actually need rather than looking for useless features like looks, shade, and body.

3)      Don’t stress about choosing the best.

Stop stressing about whether you will choose wrong. It’s all about how you feel. If you feel good about the particular option, that might be the sign of the right choice.

Wheel Decide

4)      Be careful of biases.

Biases usually lead to bad decisions; even smarter people fall into the wrong decision when they start comparing and biasing so, avoid that.

5)      Don’t rush to make the right decision.

Stay conscious and awake with a calm mind. People usually make wrong choices when they are in rush and stressed. Be patient and peaceful and choose what is best for you rather than regretting later.

6)      Try using spinning and proven decision-making tools

There are many spinning tools available that are widely used by the majority of industries and offer accurate results.  Try using the trusted tools to make the decision smartly.

Endnote: Decision-making is not the thing to do in hurry and not every decision-making task has to be stressful. It can be still done in a better and systematic way and choose the right option. First of all, stressing and hurrying up is not going to take you anywhere so chill and proceed with the cold mind. There are many spinning tools available that are proven efficient for decision making, you just have to fill the options and Spin the wheel. It will give you a clear path to choose what is actually right for you.

If you have used any spinning tool or decision-making techniques then your comments are most welcomed. Share your ideas and thoughts about the decision-making tool and which one worked great for you.