Burst the Bubble of False Misconceptions About Plastic Cocktail Cups

In our previous guide, we have discussed the manifold benefits of plastic cups or paper disposable cups. You may aware of the buzz that paper cups are more environmentally friendly than plastic cups. However, paper coffee cups are manufactured with polyethene with the purpose to prevent the coffee from dissolving the paper material. This will make the coffee cups more usable and also make them

plastic cups

Essentially, when you throw your plastic trash into a recycle bin you may feel it is a good thing to do. Whenever you dump your wine disposable glasses to any recycling centre where they will be transformed into more useful plastic stuff.

A survey denotes that around 10 to 15% of plastic gets recycled on a global level. It means that around 85 to 90% of plastic garbage ends up in the land or floated around the environment. However, sunlight is the best disinfectant and focusing on the recycle activity might dispel the myths and through which you can make a better decision on whether to select takeaway coffee cup for daily use or not.

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Get some quick ideas on what people believe while selecting plastic cups.

#Myth 1.

Many of us may think our used plastic cups or water bottles get melted or shredded after we throw them into recycle bin or on the ground. No doubt, this is true that your plastic water bottle is a sort of plastic-type that can be recycled and the quality of plastic starts degrading with time. Generally, recycled plastic is converted into low quality plastic. What does it indicate? Well, it denotes two things. Unlike any element that can be melted and reused, plastic can be recycled only once in a lifetime, not over and over again. Due to the low quality of recycled plastic, it is a necessity to add virgin plastic pellets to the recycled pellets for creating the next new plastic.

#Myth 2.

We usually dump those various sized & coloured containers of detergent or chemicals into the recycle bin when they are empty. But, they will not be recycled. When you select dark coloured plastic, it will become impossible to reuse. If the colour is dark, it would become difficult to change to a new colour palette. Instead of recycling the reusable cups, bundle them up at your recycle store for a few days before getting stuck to the land. It is important to remember that if you use plastic, make sure to select items that are in white or transparent containers. Also consider that black plastic is the most difficult colour you plan to recycle, so if you don’t remember to bring your reusable coffee cup, it is essential to select the white colour lid instead of any other.

#Myth 3.

Plates that are single-user and utensils labelled with biodegradable could be a sustainable alternative for many of us, right? Well, that’s not true because the term biodegradable is just a misrepresentation for many. However, the idea behind such bio-plastic products is that they are supposed to break down. People with backyard compost bins, utensils will not start decomposing.

If such products start ending up in an ocean, river, or lake, they are considered plastic.               


Whenever you select plastic cocktail cups break the bubble of misconceptions about the usage of plastic or disposable cups or glasses.


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