When Is The Right Time To Choose Floor Refinishing Or Replacement?

Congratulations!!! So, you have bought a new home. Whether it’s your new home or rental home, understanding the importance of floor refinishing is important. However, when you stay at home then, thinking about the Timber Flooring Melbourne or replacement procedure would be hassle-free. What is worrying factor? Wood floor refinishing is a relatively less expensive option with compare to replacement.

However, if budget is your big constrain while planning about floor refinishing or replacement then you should choose the experienced timber flooring suppliers Melbourne that can help you with the job effectively.

  • Refinishing is cheaper than any other choices

If you choose hardwood replacement then, you need to add extra charges for the wood. Also, you need to add for removing the hardwood floors that are already installed. On the other angle, you need not pay for refinishing. If any of the section of the wood floor gets damaged, you need not replace the entire area. You just need to replace that area to get a completely new look after refinishing. If the budget is a major factor, then you should choose to refinish.

  • Condition of the floor

Installation of hardwood floor is undoubtedly an expensive investment. For this reason, before you replace the wood, you need to consider the condition of the floor. If you find that the wood has not properly installed, you should choose the replacement. However, the wood condition plays an important role in determining the replacement or refinishing. If your hardwood floor has gone through refinishing for many times or the cracks are too large, then you need to have a replacement.

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  • Include the hardwood floor beauty

Do you find dullness or scratches in your hardwood floor? If you want to bring back the wooden floor charm then you should spend a bit into floor refinishing. It is an ideal approach to restore the charm of the hardwood floor and it can even give your existing floor a completely new look without needing to spend lots of money.

  • The entire process is time-consuming

The process of replacing the hardwood floor takes too much time. It even takes around 4 to 5 days to complete the refinishing job. The refinishing job needs a range of equipment like brushes, sandpaper, sanders, and much more such equipment. So, if you are living in the same home, then it will become quite troublesome. On the contrary, the replacement of the hardwood floors takes more time to get completed.

  • Change the wooden species

People mostly love the wooden species as it looks amazing. If you want to change the species, it will become important to choose a replacement. Also, for changing the look, you can choose to include the hardwood floor staining. Hence, before you choose timber floor replacement, you need to think twice.

End up!

Make sure to select the Timber Flooring Melbourne that will always work for your home flooring. Do you have any other questions? Well, we are here to help!

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