What are common factors that homeowners are dealing with sewer blockage?

Having plumbing problems is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to any homeowner, especially if the main sewer line is damaged. This pipe usually connects to all the other sewers in your property and is responsible for removing trash and debris. Care should be taken as soon as possible when a sewer line is a clog. However, the sewer line can be blocked for plenty of reasons and it is essential to know what are they. Receive Blocked Sewer Services for a more enjoyable lifestyle and peace of mind. As maintenance is very important for your home and avoiding the risks associated with high-cost damage. Of course, being a resident also means taking care of the areas around your property, such as your sewer and pipe system.

Here are the several common conditions of blocked sewers,

Pouring grease

Many homeowners are treating their toilets and sink like trash. Toilets are designed to remove only toilet paper and human waste. When washing dishes, oil and grease is usually found going into the sink. The grease does not go into the gutter with water but instead sticks inside the pipes. With overtime, it accumulates, as a result, you will experience blocked sewer. 

Growing plants

During greening, leaves fall from trees and can easily accumulate in pipes as a result of blocked gutters. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the leaves are collected from your premises and disposed of properly in the trash. The roots are usually attracted to moisture and will move towards the pipes that carry the dirty water. When this happens, the duct is blocked by the roots and will therefore be blocked.

Inappropriate materials

Female hygiene products and baby diapers can risk to pipes as they include cotton and other fibres that can attract other clogging factors, both are not biodegradable. Blocked Sewer treatment involves microorganisms that break down human waste but do not decompose anything else. 

Line break down

In some cases, certain sewer lines can be damaged for a variety of reasons and will develop leaks. This can happen because it is very old and has not been properly maintained or repaired over the years. A major problem in a few years and the sewer line can become so blocked by debris that it creates frequent backups of your toilets or sinking water.


The drain squeaks when other plumbing functions occur. Under normal circumstances, when water flows exactly through a pipe, it should probably not make any noise other than a smooth flowing sound. However, when a Pipe Relining or water pipe fills up, the water hits it and releases oxygen, causing the bubbles to sound and also release foul-smelling gases.

Winding up,

Do you think your sewer line is blocked? Call a Blocked Sewer Specialist who can quickly fix your plumbing problems without causing major disruption to your property. Especially, if you have a busy schedule plumber will use a very short time to fix the same problem due to his experience.