Why You Should See The Podiatrist For Foot And Ankle Issues?

 A podiatrist is a professional who treats almost all symptoms that involve the ankle and the foot. Even though most people utilise their feet every day, many put off visiting a Podiatrist Melbourne expert — if they have foot pain. Believe it or not, they believe that continuous foot pain is normal. Trust me. It's not normal to have stable foot pain.

If you're experiencing any of the foot issues listed below, it might be time to get an appointment with a podiatrist.


●       Painful Corns Or Calluses

The impact of thickened areas of dead skin, these typical issues can become more painful if the skin becomes too thick. A Podiatrist can clear areas of the hardened skin to ease the pain or prescribe a topical medication to treat them.


●       Heel Issues That Aren't Going Away

If your heel's skin splits and bleeds, you are at increased risk for infection. Heel ache may also indicate a heel spur, which is another sort of irregular bony growth. Tendonitis can cause heel pain, too. A podiatrist can resolve what's causing the problem and develop a treatment plan.


●       An Ingrown Toenail That's Getting Worse

 If a toenail is cut too short, it can grow into the skin, causing infection and pain. People who try to care for ingrown toenails themselves usually make the situation worse, damaging the nail and the surrounding tissues. A Podiatrist Melbourne experts can prescribe medicine or safely clear part of the nail if needed.

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●       A Persistent Fungal Infection

An athlete's foot is an unpleasant and itchy condition that can make the skin between the toes look scaly. If you've attempted antifungal medicine at home and it's not working, see a podiatrist. They can check for a bacterial infection and if one is found, prescribe antibiotics as treatment.


●       Bunions That Are Causing Discomfort

If you have a bunion, you should see a top podiatrist sooner rather than later. Bunions often get worse unless they're treated. Surgery may be needed, but other treatment options, such as taping or medication, may also work.


●       Chronic Joint Pain

 If your foot or ankle joints are swollen, stiff, red, tender, or simply hurt when you stand or walk, you could have arthritis. A podiatrist can properly diagnose you and then offer treatments to reduce joint pain, from medications to minimally invasive procedures to joint surgery or replacement.


●       Numbness And Tingling 

People with diabetes are more susceptible to foot problems. If you're experiencing foot numbness and burning, or tingling, it could be a sign of neuropathy. If you have been analysed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist at least once a year.



Some foot or ankle problems go away independently, but others worsen. For this reason, it may be a sign to see a podiatrist Melbourne early on if you are experiencing foot issues.

Because of their focused expertise in foot and ankle issues, podiatrists can expertly diagnose conditions and then offer the best treatments that can help you experience less pain and more enjoyment in your life.