How to Get Rid of Your Carpet's 3 Most Common Enemies

Carpets are one of the most important investments you'll make for your home. They provide additional living space, a barrier against dirt and spills, and the chance to upgrade your decor with colours that work well together. But carpets aren't invincible; they are susceptible to dirt, spills, and other stains that can ruin them over time. If you have a dog or cat who likes to play in your home's carpeting — or if your kids love playing basketball on it — then you might need Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne on a regular basis:


Soil is the biggest enemy of carpet and is also one of the most common causes of carpet stains and damage. Soil can be removed using a vacuum or wet cleaning methods, but both will require you to purchase special equipment.

To remove soil from your flooring:

  • Vacuum thoroughly with an upright vacuum with a HEPA filter or disposable bags (to avoid inhaling particles). If there's still dirt left behind after vacuuming, repeat until all traces are gone from your floors (this may take several passes over different areas).
  • Wet-clean with warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid or soap in a spray bottle—the amount needed will vary depending on how much soil was present in each area; start by testing out how much cleaner you need by mixing an appropriate amount into warm water before proceeding further along this step-by-step guide below!

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Oil spills can be a common occurrence in your car, but there are ways to prevent them. First, remember that oil is harmful when it gets on your carpet. If you see an oil stain, don't try to get rid of it immediately; wait until the stain has fully dried before vacuuming or cleaning up with soap and water (or even better: professional carpet cleaning).

If you do have an accident while driving that leaves an oily spot on your car's carpeting, follow these steps:

  • Use an absorbent paper towel or cloth to blot up as much excess liquid as possible before applying any cleaning solutions—this will prevent further damage from occurring if there are other liquids around (such as water).
  • Apply some dishwashing detergent directly onto any remaining oil stains using a soft brush; then rinse away thoroughly under warm running water until no residue appears when lifted off by hand (this ensures nothing remains behind).


Water is an enemy of your carpet. Water can cause mould and mildew, stains and discolouration, wearing out faster, shrinking in size and causing it to smell bad. It also stains the carpet itself.

Water damage is caused by water seeping through your floorboards or up under the rug where it can't be seen until you notice something wrong with your car ride home from work one day (or worse).

Vacuum at least once a week and deal with spills immediately to keep your carpet looking good. If you want to keep your carpet looking good, it's important to vacuum at least once a week. Vacuuming regularly will prevent soil build-up and help clean up any spills on the floor.

If you have hardwood floors, it's best to use a vacuum with a rotating brush attachment instead of one that just blows air across the carpeting surface. This will lift dirt off of your carpets as well as reduce static electricity, which can cause static cling in some areas of your house or apartment building if left uncared for over time (this is especially true if pets are living there).


We hope this article has helped you understand how to keep your carpet looking amazing! Carpet Cleaning Melbourne are an investment, so it must last as long as possible.