Easy Guide to Opt Aged Care Services in Melbourne

You're not alone in wanting to remain surrounded by what you know and love at home. In fact, with the right support services, living out our lives in our own homes can lead to better health outcomes and enriched living. 

However, loved ones need to know that changes in health are not putting you at risk, that your home is safe, and that your comfort and medical needs are fully met. 

As you get older, you may find it challenging to keep on top of your home duties and personal care. You may even struggle to remain connected to your friends and family. Comprehensive government-funded Home Care Packages for Aged Care Melbourne Services wide can be designed to help you remain living safely at home for as long as possible. 


Navigating My Aged Care

Understanding how to get started with the My Aged Care program can be the most difficult part. Created by the Australian Government, My Aged Care is the starting point for your aged care journey, and where you can find and access the funded services you may need. The Australian Government can subsidise the cost of Aged Care Melbourne services you can receive in the comfort of your own home. The more support you need, the higher the level of care services you require, and the more funding you'll receive.

Depending on your needs, services can be accessed through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or a Home Care Package (HCP). Home Care Packages are for those with greater or more complex care needs. If you need numerous care and support services on an ongoing basis, you could be eligible for a Home Care Package. VMCH can help you to understand the difference between these options. Read more.. orangelocal.com.au/

At-Home Aged Care Melbourne

While many may choose not to face it, the reality of growing older means that everyday tasks can become more difficult and our safety risks are increased. With some help, you might be able to continue living independently in your own home for as long as possible. 

Some of the services offered as a part of At-Home Aged Care include meal planning, personal care, transport and post-hospital support. If you've already had a look to see what aged care services Melbourne providers have that might be available, but you'd like to know more about the application and assessment process, get in touch. The VMCH team can discuss with you all the services that At-Home Aged Care can offer. 

VMCH offers comprehensive government-funded Home Care Packages (HCP) that are designed to help you remain living at home for as long as is possible. We'll be there to work with you on an individual basis to determine a flexible, personalised care plan that's built around your needs. 

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At VMCH, we're right there with you on your aged care journey, when and where you need us. If you'd like to learn more about At-Home Aged Care in Melbourne, contact our team today.

Source: Aged Care Services Melbourne: Help At Hom