Building Your Own Carport: A Comprehensive Guide

You don’t need to hire a contractor to build your own carport; in fact, you can easily do it yourself with some basic carpentry skills and these helpful tips and suggestions. Building your own carport will give you the freedom to choose any style of carport that works best for your home’s space and design, and it also makes sense from a cost perspective as well, since you’ll be able to save money by putting in more work yourself. With that in mind, follow these easy steps to get started with DIY Carport!

Choosing the Design

There are dozens of carport designs to choose from, and you may want to start by picking a popular style. If you can’t find what you want, don’t be afraid to get creative and design your own using architectural plans. Even if you pick a prefabricated style, consider building it on a custom foundation or adding decorative elements for an aesthetic touch. The most important thing is that the structure is safe and secure. Make sure to include storm shutters, especially in areas with high winds.

Preparing the Site

You should begin your DIY Carport Kit project by locating a suitable site for your structure. Clear away any brush or other obstructions. Be sure that you choose a level site and that there is sufficient space for the length of structure you intend to build. It's also important to note that no matter how tall your carport may be, it cannot exceed the height of any adjacent buildings in order to comply with building codes. In addition, because many states have laws requiring all cars parked outside a building to have some form of protection from inclement weather, it's important to make sure you check your local regulations before continuing with this project.

Preparing the Base

The foundation of a carport is critical to its structure, so you’ll want to lay your concrete with care. You’ll also need to make sure that your garage is properly prepared to accept whatever framing you decide to use. For example, if you’re building on a site that already has a garage or other existing foundation present, there may be some reinforcement work necessary before pouring your new concrete slab. If you're not sure what the situation will be like where you're building the carport, it's best to consult an engineer beforehand. It's worth noting that this is one area where builders will have to take into account local codes and regulations.


The main reason for building a DIY Carport is to add a cover to your car. If you plan on parking your car in an open lot without any shelter, then you need to consider buying a carport or garage. However, if you plan on protecting your expensive ride only from rain and not from other weather conditions, then a simple car cover will do. You can opt for one of these covers depending on what type of vehicle you own and how much area it needs to be covered.

Source: Building Your Own Carport A Comprehensive Guide