Why Led Light Bulbs Are The Way to Go for Energy Efficiency?

Did you know that if all light bulbs in Australia were Energy Efficient Led Light Bulbs, we could reduce energy consumption by over 6%? And did you know that energy-efficient LED light bulbs last over 20 times longer than their incandescent counterparts? That's a lot of money and resources saved!

5 Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Are The Way To Go For Energy Efficiency

  • They Last Longer

Conventional light bulbs have a lifespan of about 1,000 hours. In contrast, LED light bulbs last between 25,000 and 50,000 hours—more than 20 times longer! Given that many people only change their bulbs once every ten years or so, you can see how quickly they pay for themselves. With an average lifespan of 35 years (provided you change them at least once during that time), energy-efficient led light bulbs could easily reduce your home energy costs by more than 90 percent over a standard incandescent bulb. Talk about huge savings!

Energy Efficient Led Light Bulbs

  • They Use Less Energy

As an added bonus, led light bulbs to use only a fraction of the energy as incandescent bulbs. Some models use as little as 8 watts of energy, compared to 65 watts in many cases. According to Energy Star, replacing ten traditional 60-watt bulbs with high-efficiency LED lights could save you more than $75 per year in energy costs and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75 pounds per year. What's more, when you compare these 10 watts of LED bulbs with their traditional counterparts (40 watts), you'll see that LEDs emit 100% less heat, further reducing your cooling costs comparison. High Energy-efficient led light bulbs have even been proven to produce better quality light as well – with fewer bluish tints or flickering effects than their predecessors.

  • They Make Your Home Look Great

Switching from old-fashioned incandescent bulbs (what most of us grew up with) to LED lights doesn't just make your home more energy-efficient. The light they emit is better and looks more natural than anything you've seen before. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, which are too cool in colour and weak in appearance, LED lights to mimic natural daylight almost perfectly, allowing them to be placed wherever you want without altering the room's look. Plus, because they last so long—10 years or longer—they virtually eliminate bulb replacement costs forever. When it comes time to replace an LED light bulb, it will likely cost less than a dollar!

  • They Save You Money

LEDs don't produce heat when they're on. So, unlike an incandescent bulb that can send as much as 90% of its energy up into your room (as heat), LEDs use most of their energy for light and only 10% for heat. That means that you get more light with less wasted energy. And even better, LEDs stay cool to the touch (something no one could say about old-fashioned light bulbs). If you're installing lights outside a building or in an attic where they may get hot enough to burn someone, LEDs may be worth looking into.

  • Doesn't Heat Up Your Room (No Heat Transfer)

Instead of heating up like incandescent light bulbs, led light bulbs don't heat up so they can save energy. In fact, a study has done by Sandia National Laboratories shows that led lights use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. The most common incandescent bulbs were invented about 125 years ago and have really not changed at all in terms of design since their inception. This is because when something works, there's no reason to change it, right? However, these days there is one very good reason to make an improvement, and that's just because it can be done better! That's what has happened with LED lights!

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